How to pair the Retro Classic BT keyboard?

There have been some confusion (perhaps bad design) regarding the pairing mode of this keyboard. If the blue light blinks rapidly, it is trying to pair with the last paired device (which may happen brand new out of the box as we test each and every unit prior to shipping). In actual pairing mode, the blue light will blink SLOWLY to indicate the keyboard is ready for pairing.

To put the keyboard in pairing mode, please hold down the (FN) key along with the (minus/dash) key on the number pad for a few seconds until you you see the blue indicator light start flashing slowly. Once this happens, the keyboard is properly in pairing mode.

On your Mac, navigate to "System Preference" and select "Keyboard". Next, click on "Set up Bluetooth Keyboard" and follow the onscreen setup wizard. For Windows 10, please go to Bluetooth Settings and select "Add Bluetooth or other device". Once the setup wizard finds "AZIO Retro Classic BT", click on "Pair". 

The keyboard is now ready for use.


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